Choose the correct item

1……..of the bad weather, we went to the market. A.Despite B. Even though C. In spite D. Nevertheless 2. “How was the film?” “As soon as I take off my coat,……you.” A.I’ll be telling B. I’ll have been telling C I’ll tell D. I’ll have told 3. “Do you remember……that man before?” “I think I met him at Bill’s wedding.” A. met B. to meeting C. to meet D. meeting 4. I’d prefer to watch a comedy……a horror film. A. rather than B. to C. that D. from 5. ……she was hungry, she didn’t eat lunch yesterday. A. Despite B. Because C. However D. Although 6. “We’ve run out of milk.” “I…..go to the shop and get some.” A.going to B. would C. will D. have 7. I’ll write to you as soon as I…..there. A. get B. got C. will get D. am getting 8. If they…..soon, they’ll miss their flight. A. aren’t leaving B. didn’t leave C. don’t leave D. won’t leave 9. That monument on the top of the hill….. hundreds of years ago. A. was building B. had built C. was built D. have been built 10. “Are you going to post Tom’s birthday card?” “No, I’d rather… myself.” A. deliver B. delivering C. delivered D. to deliver 11. The painting……from the museum. A. were stolen B. was stolen C. had stolen D. have been stolen 12. I can’t find my umbrella. I ……it in Joe’s car. A. must have left B. shouldn’t have left C. had to leave D. should leave. 13. “Someone broke a chair in the library yesterday.” “Well, you……told the librarian.” A. won’t have B. would have C. wouldn’t have D. should have 14. …….her job, Jane has to travel a lot. A. In spite B. Due C. Because of D. As a result 15. He earns a lot of money. ……, he cannot afford to buy a new car. A. Although B. However C. But D. Whereas 16. They……the new building by October. A. have finished B. will have finished C. am finished D. are finishing 17. Do you know where the ceremony is……? A. to hold B. been held C. being held D. holding 18. They got to the airport on time, …… leaving home later than they had planned. A. despite B. in spite C. despite that D. in spite of that 19. James speaks……German and Italian. A. also B. both C. as well as D. not only 20. They gave us……useful information that we included it all in the article. A. such an B. so C. such a D. such