Test 6. Choose the best answer.

1. _________is the business of selling goods in large quantities and usually at low prices.

a) Retailing

b) Wholesaling

c) Franchising

2. _______are large shops which sell a wide variety of products.

a) Grocery

b) Greengrocery

c) Department stores

3. Price is not the only thing that customers consider when ______about which product to buy.

a) doing a decision

b) making a decision

c) doing business

4. Customers ________about the poor quality of frozen vegetables on sale in our store.

a) did complaints

b) made complaints

c) made research

5. We ________last year of nearly $ 10,000.

a) did a loss

b) made a loss

c) made a lost

6. When two or more people want to start a business together they can set up a ________.

a) corporation

b) concern

c) partnership

7. Net profit this year ________around $ 200 million.

a) should be

b) should have been

c) should being

8. The production Manager said we could _______-better the previous year if it hadn’t been for the instability on the market.

a) do

b) have done

c) have doing

9. ________the Japanese may say “yes” at a meeting, it does not mean that they agree with you , but that they want you to continue.

a) In spite of

b) Although

c) Despite

10. As analysts predicted the ________market didn’t last long and soon the market fell dramatically.

a) boom

b) bull

c) bear

11. We are sending out ________literature to try to boost our sales.

a) advertisement

b) useful

c) promotion

12. The company adopted an environment policy in order to reduce the damage that may _____ from its various activities.

a) result

b) cause

c) due

13. We are proud of the fact that last year 25% of the company’s total waste _______.

a) was recycling

b)was recycled

c) has been recycled

14. Many companies do research to _________ways of reducing air and water pollution.

a) protest

b) develop

c) contribute

15. An environmental group organized a ______against dumping of waste into the river.

a) supply

b) measure

c) protest

16. The firm attempted __________ its nearest competitor.

a) taking over

b) to take over

c) take over

17. We had to delay _________ the new product.

a) launching

b) to launch

c) launch

18. Every year we make a _______ to a well-known wildlife association.

a) supplement

b) order

c) contribution

19. The German “Die Grunen” party has a strong influence in green ________everywhere.

a) politics

b) services

c) demands

20. We don’t expect conditions ________for some time.

a) to improve

b) improving

c) improve

21. We ________with a designer to decorate our widow displays.

a) made an arrangements

b) did an arrangement

c) did an agreement

22. Last year we ________despite the instability on the market.

a) did well

b) made well

c) did good

23. The credit ________which they suggested can’t be accepted. They seem too tough.

a) terms

b) conditions

c) loans

24. The amount of money in a bank account at a particular time is called _________.

a) debit

b) balance

c) credit

25. If the situation does not improve significantly next year, the bank _______to consider closing some of its branches.

a) will have

b) would have

c) would have had

26. If you had more money on deposit, the bank ________ you this sum.

a) will lend

b) would lend

c) would have lent

27. We offer you the high quality product, which is not expensive _______.

a) to discount

b) to buy

c) invent

28. They recovered with a 10% ________in sales.

a) decrease

b) fall

c) increase

29. If the company had lowered the prices of hotels and restaurants earlier, perhaps this _____ more visitors.

a) would have encouraged

b) would encourage

c) will encourage

30. Telia holds _______ in Telecominvest’s major shareholder, the Luxembourg offshore company First National Company.

a) a stock

b) a stake

c) a dividend

31. The staff was asked to avoid ________to journalists.

a) to speak

b) speaking

c) speak

32. Most major cities in Western Europe _______the quality of the air every day.

a) develop

b) measure

c) prove

33. Our current company product is no longer enough to _______us a competitive advantage.

a) promise

b) maintain

c) assure

34. We need _________more time to think about your proposal.

a) a few

b) a little

c) few

35. We decided to carry out a market study to discover what ______people had of our product.

a) perception

b) confidence

c) certainty

36. People buy _______to protect themselves against the losses that may result from an accident or catastrophe.

a) insurance

b) guarantee

c) obligation

37. ________candidates were interviewed yesterday.

a) The both

b) Both

c) The both of

38. I ________my presentation since early morning.

a) had been preparing

b) am preparing

c) have been preparing

39. To protect itself, the company can pay a ______to an insurance company that will undertake the risk of guarantee to provide financial compensation if some disaster occurs.

a) premium

b) invoice

c) cheque

40. If there hadn’t been a road accident, I _______my flight.

a) didn’t miss

b) wouldn’t missed

c) wouldn’t have missed